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Fab 5's Mission Statement

Fab 5's mission is to fundraise for local communities in Shirley, Massachusetts and surrounding areas. 

Founded in 2018, we have held over 50 fundraisers and have raised over $55,000 dollars for the local community, including Apple Valley Center Nursing Home, Devens Women's Transitional Shelter, Shirley Senior Center, and more. See more.

Meet The Fab 5 Team

Though we are a small team, we strive to make a difference and achieve our mission in helping the community.

Come meet the President and Vice President of Fab 5.


Founder & President
Gabrielle Holland


Hi, my name is Gabrielle Holland. I have been a part of this team… well ever since it was created back in 2018. I was a freshmen in High school, and a group of friends and I wanted to make our own club that was apart of Youth Venture. After four years of fundraising and helping our community, we raised over $25k when I graduated. Im very happy and blessed with this opportunity. Now getting to continue helping the community, and doing it as my own non-profit, is a dream come true.

Vice President
Claire Hefti

Hi! My name is Claire Hefti, and I’ve been a part of the Fab 5 for about Four years now! Though I did join in 2019, it wasn’t when Gabrielle made it. There was about a five month gap of when the group was made, and when I joined. I would always volunteer in all of the different fundraisers they would put together, and absolutely love it. So when one of the members had to move away, I had an opportunity to be apart of the team! I've been helping the community and loving it ever since!

Contact & Donate

(508) 663-9493

2 Shaker Rd, Suite B203,

Shirley, Massachusetts 01464

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